Geotechnical monitoring systems

Datalogging and data retrieval

We install and maintenance geotechnical monitoring systems. We retrieval data with GSM,GPRS or TCP/IP. Datalogger with a multiplexer and a modem unit:

Monitoring units


The vibrating wire piezometer is used for the long term, accurate measurement of pore water pressures in partially or fully saturated soils or rock. Generally piezometers are utilised in monitoring the pattern of water flow.

Inclinometer systems:

The digital bluetooth inclinometer provides high resolution and accurate profiles of lateral deflections or settlement in geotechnical and civil engineering structures.

Vertical inclinometer system
Horizontal inclinometer system


The magnetic probe extensometer is a simple and inexpensive method for monitoring large magnitudes of settlement and heave in excavations, fills, foundations, dams and embankments. It is also adaptable for installation behind retaining walls, sheet piles and slurry walls, and above underground openings including tunnels and shafts.

Horizontal extenzometer
Vertical extenzometer
  • Rock pressure cells:

The cell is measuring stresses in structure or at the contact surface between soil and structure.

We can measure stresses in a soil mass and  we can get usefulinformation about the stress directions.

Strain gauges:

For the measurement of strain in reinforced or mass concrete structures.

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